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Greetings, Scribes!

Welcome to the Scribal Community of Meridies!


All Meridian Scribes are encouraged to further their scribal education, and to develop their skills in the craft. There is always something more to learn, whether one is a beginner or a seasoned scribe. As a scribe, you provide a great service both to the Kingdom, and to the good gentles that take home the scrolls you have so painstakingly created. Your work is noticed, and is greatly appreciated.

There is a wealth of information available to the Meridian Scribe. 

The scribal community in Meridies is a wonderful way to reach out to each other and be more connected to each other. Scribal information can often be hard to find and policies and practices can very from Kingdom to Kingdom.  The hope for this website is to provide a resource for scribes to access information for Meridian Scribes all in one place. 

Also Scribes in our community have greatly diverse talents and abilities 


What is a Scribe?

A Scribe is someone who either draws, lines, does calligraphy, gilds, and/or paints. 

It is not required to all of these aspects of a scroll to consider yourself a Scribe. As in medieval times, we can work together doing our various parts to create these beautiful works of art or we can do the whole scroll by ourselves depending on our different talents. One does not make someone more of a scribe than the other. Though it is encouraged to know all parts of a scroll eventually, it is not required. 

Scribal Roster

To be considered a Scribe, you essentially just need to make scrolls then you can be added to our roster, We are beginning a Scribal Registry of active scribes and their current level of ability and proliferation. If a new skill is learned, it is requested that you let the Registrar know the change in your ability.

Also an art release consent form will need to be signed if you want your work shown on social media platforms for the SCA and other SCA publications.. This protects the artist and the Kingdom.


Scribal Officers

Parchment Clerk

aelia 1.jpg

Aelia Bass
ina of Veii



Veronica da Lucca


Deputy to be announced in 2024

Organizational Structure of the Scribal Community

The officers in the Scribal Collage are as follows:


  • Parchment Clerk

  • Parchment Deputy

  • Scribal Guild Leader

  • Scribal Guild Deputy

The Parchment Office is a Greater Office in the Kingdom of Meridies. The main purpose of the Parchment Office is to handle and maintain Kingdom scrolls and awards for the Crowns to use at their discretion and to facilitate communication between the Crown of Meridies and the Scribes of Meridies to ease the burden of the Crown. To this end, the Principle Parchment Officer may create their own team of volunteers as needed to help streamline this process.

Other responsibilities include maintaining the Kingdom Scroll Cases, keeping the Scroll Case Tally up to date, managing scroll commissions and backlogs, hosting the Coronation Scribal Challenges at the beginning of every new Crown's reign, updating the Scribal Roster, updating the Scribal Handbook of Meridies and maintaining the Parchment website at, manage the Parchment Office budget, report yearly to the Society A&S Officer, Etc.

The Parchment Office duties also include working in conjunction with the Scribal Guild to promote the scribal arts, teaching, maintaining consistent scribal practices within the kingdom, determine scribal concerns and needs and bring those to the attention of Principal Parchment and Scribal Guild Leader to discuss and address.

The Scribal Guild of Meridies is an official guild in the Kingdom of Meridies and is a place of community, camaraderie, and instruction. 

The Scribal Guild Leader is responsible for maintaining and moderating the official Scribal Guild of Meridies Facebook page to help promote robust and healthy conversation as well as helping the Parchment Office with maintaining the official website at

The Scribal Guild Leader is also responsible for reaching out to event staff to help organize Scriptoriums/Demos at official events in Meridies and helping with said scriptoriums where/if needed. The Scribal Guild Box should be available to each scriptorium to help support new and beginning scribes try out different materials and tools, encouraging greater quality in the art and the ability of the scribes and facilitate learning to that end. etc. The Scribal Guild Leader will maintain the supplies in the Guild Scribal Box. 

The Scribal Guild Leader will maintain the scribal budget and hold Fundraisers where needed. 

The Guild requires one meeting per reign every year which the Scribal Guild Leader will host and organize in person or virtual.

***Completed scrolls for the Kingdom cases may be turned into any one of the officers mentioned above who will then submit them to the Principal Parchment Officer***


A Court Scribe is someone who fills in the names and dates of awards going out that day at an event. Usually a volunteer scribe who knows several different hands and who can match the handwriting of the scroll. Two scribes are preferred help out each event as Court Scribe but will need one volunteer at minimum. 

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